The Wood Foundation


What the Foundation will & won’t Support

The Wood Foundation (TWF) aim to invest £50 million into two key areas, as follows:

  1. Making markets work for the poor in Sub Saharan Africa. Our geographic focus is East Africa and out intention is long term poverty reduction through trade and employment. It is anticipated 75% of fund will be invested in this area. Our approach is to increase and sustain trade and employment opportunities and will be based on unblocking constraints within high growth industry sectors. We will seek to analyse the blockages from frontend production to end market and design interventions to support targeted sectors to operate more effectively.
  2. Invest in the future of Scotland by ensuring we have a nation of enterprising young people who have an understanding of citizenship values and role the can play regionally, nationally, and internationally. It is anticipated 25% of fund will be invested in this area investing in three key areas 1) Promoting Positive Destinations into employment, education and training 2) Enhancing Enterprise Education and Business Start Ups 3) Promoting Citizenship, Global Citizenship and Tolerance.

We aim to be an open, intelligent, and thoughtful funder and we recognise that money alone will not solve some of society’s greatest inequalities. We apply the principles of venture philanthropy, investing both money and expertise to achieve systemic change within our chosen areas.

TWF either leads projects or takes an active supporting role with strategic partners. We are always engaged in the principles of the project, the initial due diligence, the development of the implementation plan, and the establishment of pragmatic performance evaluation.

TWF has the ability to utilise a range of financing tools within its philanthropic programmes ranging from grants, contracts with consultants, debt, equity and loans.

The Foundation is proactive by nature and will only accept application through our global citizenship programme. Please visit our website for further details.

Last updated: February 9, 2016