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The MacRobert Trust

What The Trust will support:

The Trust’s annual monetary donations are only awarded to registered charities and are always dependent upon funding availability.  Donations are given to activities defined by a set of themes and sub-themes which are more fully defined on The Trust’s website.

Theme 1:    Services and Sea
Theme 2
:    Education and Training
Theme 3
:    Children and Youth
Theme 4
:    Science, Engineering and Technology
Theme 5
:    Agriculture and Horticulture
Theme 6
:    Tarland and the Local Area

In addition, the Trust supports military ‘rest and recuperation’ at their Douneside House Hotel, reduced rents for some local community activities, runs a Horticultural Training Scheme and sponsors a number of awards across its fields of interest, including the internationally renowned MacRobert Award for engineering innovation through the Royal Academy of Engineering, MacRobert Swords for the Navy, Army and Air Force Reserves and a number of other prizes and scholarships.

Further details can be found on the website

What The Trust will not support:

  • Organisations based outside the UK
  • Individuals except through The Trust’s own training schemes
  • General or mailshot appeals
  • Political and religious organisations
  • Retrospective applications
  • Student bodies as opposed to universities
  • Departments within a university unless the appeal gains the support of and is channelled through the Principal
  • Fee-paying schools, except through The Trust’s own Educational Grants Scheme for children who are at, or need to attend, a Scottish independent secondary school
  • Expeditions, except through recognised bodies such as the British Schools Exploring Society (BSES)
  • Community and village halls other than those in Tarland and the local area

Applications must be sent by email to the Trust and a hard copy sent in the post. Full details of the application process are on the website

Last updated: June 14, 2017