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The Joseph Rank Trust

What the Trust will and won’t support

The Trustees have identified two main areas of interest, as follows:

  1. Projects that demonstrate a Christian approach to the practical, educational and spiritual needs of people of all ages.
  2. The adaptation of Church properties with a view to providing improved facilities for use by the church and its work in the community in which it is based (with due regard to the requirements of the Methodist Church Fund).

In considering all other appeals, the Trustees take into account the primary objective of the Trust, which is to advance the Christian faith. After earmarking funds to support this important area of the Trust’s work, the Trustees are prepared to consider other unsolicited appeals, although resources remaining to support such appeals are limited.  Unsolicited appeals are selected for consideration by the Trustees that demonstrate, in their view, a Christian approach to the practical, educational and spiritual needs of people.

The Trust does not consider applications for overseas projects, for completed capital projects, to repay loans, from individuals, for educational bursaries, for medical research, organ projects, intern placements, from individual hospices, from social enterprises that have no charitable status, for delayed church maintenance, or from registered charities for the benefit of named individuals.

Applications must be sent in hard copy and NOT by email.   Please visit our website for further details.

Last updated: October 2, 2013