Benefits of Joining

The Group allows members to meet up regularly in order to share best practice and through dialogue, to keep up-to-date on matters affecting the charity and voluntary sector. The forum also provides opportunities for networking, interaction, and for working together.

We ask that each organisation nominates one person to attend the meetings, this is to ensure that there is continuity at meetings as substitutes are not permitted. The result is that strong working relationships are formed.


A “grantmaker” (where grant making is a principal function). Its administration and decision making is based in Scotland with more than 50% of its income coming from assured sources* AND the amount awarded is greater than £50k p/a.

*Assured Sources are:

  • Interest and dividends on investments
  • Rent from land or property
  • Spending of capital
  • Regular long-term donations, committed for at least 3 years
  • Well established periodic public appeals
A “grantmaker” (where grant making is its principal function). Its administration and control is based outside Scotland OR a “grantmaker” where income from assured sources* is less than 50% OR they would have qualified for FULL membership but where their grant making is less than £50k but more than £10k p/a.
An exceptional discretionary category for organisations which administer or act as a trustee for several grant making trusts or foundations.
Full Membership Rates
Associate Membership Rates
Affiliate Membership Rates


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