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Inspiring Scotland is an innovative outcome focused venture philanthropy organisation designed and developed in response to the needs of Scotland’s charities (Ventures).  It aims to change people’s lives for the better through significant long term funding and development support for Scotland’s charities.

It is a unique partnership amongst the private, public and not-for-profit sectors in Scotland and works with a range of investors, including The Scottish Government, trusts and foundations, companies and high net worth individuals, all of whom are driven by a desire for social change.  It takes the principles of venture capital – long term investment and tailored development support – and applies these to the not-for-profit sector.

Inspiring Scotland’s focus is on social issues where it can leverage real and lasting change. It proactively tackles tough social issues by investing in portfolios of ventures, each focused on a different social issue.   As well as direct cash investment, each venture benefits from significant development support from Inspiring Scotland’s Performance Advisors and a pool of supporters from the private sector providing business mentoring and professional services on a pro bono or restricted fee basis. This enables ventures to grow or replicate, achieve efficiencies and work towards long term sustainability.   Inspiring Scotland currently invests in 64 charities through four funds; 14:19 Fund – youth unemployment; Go2Play – lack of play opportunities for children; Early Years Early Action – vital support in a child’s early years; and Link Up – piloting a new asset based approach to supporting disadvantaged communities.

Last updated: June 14, 2013